Orchids Adjustable Outdoor Standing Ashtray, Black, Push Down Floor Stand Ashtray with Lid, Ashtrays for Cigarettes, 24" or 15.5"
Orchid Smooth Touch offers a wide range of health and personal care products The top is stainless steel,...
Pedal Bin Perforated (Matt Finish) Available In Different Size: 7" x 12"  Liters – 5 8" x 13" Liters –...
 Capacity: 140 Ltrs ( 70 Litre x 2 )Size: W: 400 x L: 800 x H: 800 mmThickness:...
Orchids Bio Waste Dust Bin 60 Litres (Black)
Rs. 4,200.00Rs. 3,500.00
Capacity: 60 LitersMaterial: High-Quality Plastic with a durable paddle for longlasting usage.  Dimension: H 660mm x W 445mm x L...
Perforated Bin Available In Different Size: 6" x 8"  Liters – 5 7" x 10" Liters – 6 8" x...
Capacity: 210 Ltrs ( 70 Litre x 3 )Size : W: 400 x L: 1200 x H 800...
Orchids Bio Medical Waste Dustbin Pack Of 4 (30 LITRES)
Rs. 8,900.00Rs. 6,500.00
Capacity: 30 LitersMaterial: High Quality Plastic with durable paddle for longlasting usage.Dimension: H 480mm x W 360mm x...
Pole Mounted SS Bin
Rs. 10,350.00Rs. 8,280.00
  Material: SS 202 GradeCapacity: 40 Ltrs.Weight: 40 Kgs.Dimension: 14″ x 28″ Pole mounted Dustbins are ideal for...
FRP Trio Dustbin
Rs. 35,625.00Rs. 28,500.00
  Material: FRPCapacity: 60 ltr x 3 bins Size: L 47″ x B 16″ x H 32″  Weight: 28 kg...
Orchids Bio Medical Waste Dustbin Pack Of 4 (15 LITRES)
Rs. 6,900.00Rs. 4,500.00
Capacity: 15 LitersMaterial: High-Quality Plastic with a durable paddle for longlasting usage.  Dimension: H 380mm x W 280mm x...
Pole Mounted Twin SS Bin with Roof
Rs. 19,350.00Rs. 15,480.00
Material: SS 202 GradeCapacity: 60 Ltrs. Weight: 20 Kgs.Dimension: 14″ x 28″  Pole mounted Dustbins are ideal for Parks,...
Plastic Wheel Dustbin (600 Liters)
Rs. 36,000.00Rs. 28,800.00
Size :- 700 x 1360 x 1180mmWeight:- 40 KGMaterial:- HDPEColour:- GreenCapacity:- 600 ltrs  Orchids 600 Litre Green Virgin...
Rs. 858.00
Rs. 23,880.00
Rs. 4,200.00 Rs. 3,500.00
Rs. 433.40
Rs. 45,370.00
Rs. 8,900.00 Rs. 6,500.00
Rs. 10,350.00 Rs. 8,280.00
Rs. 35,625.00 Rs. 28,500.00
Rs. 6,900.00 Rs. 4,500.00
Rs. 19,350.00 Rs. 15,480.00
Rs. 36,000.00 Rs. 28,800.00

Dustbin for Waste Management: The Essential Tool for Effective Waste Management.

The Importance of Proper Waste Management.

Proper waste management is critical for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. One of the most important tools in waste management is the dustbin. Dustbins come in various sizes and materials, including FRP, metal, and stainless steel, and are used to dispose of everyday waste such as food scraps, wrappers, and other small items.

Choosing the Right Type of Dustbin for Waste Management.

When it comes to dustbin for waste management, choosing the right type of dustbin is crucial. The size and material of the dustbin can depend on the type and amount of waste produced, as well as the location where the bin will be kept. For example, a small plastic bin may be adequate for a household, whereas a larger metal bin may be necessary for a business or public area.

Proper Dustbin for Waste Management Disposal Practices.

In addition to choosing the right dustbin for waste management, it is crucial to dispose of waste correctly. This means ensuring that waste is segregated correctly and disposed of in the appropriate waste disposal unit. Failing to comply with waste disposal regulations can result in hefty fines.
Dustbins are an effective tool for managing waste in a range of settings, from homes and offices to public areas such as parks and streets. By investing in a quality dustbin and following proper waste disposal practices, individuals and businesses can play their part in keeping the environment clean and healthy.