Orchids Pure Seat

Rs. 11,800.00 Rs. 9,800.00

2 Pure Seat Biodegradable roll Free.

A.Orchids Pure Seat Wired Sensor
Starting Method: Waterproof sensor device (wall mounted), Damage resistant
2.Power Supply: rechargeable lead-acid battery, (DC:6-7.5V), Adapter (AC 100-240V),
3.Battery life: Approx 3000 Rotations,
4.Restart Interval:6-8 seconds to avoid misuse
5.Seat Material: Recyclable ABS Cover (White)

1.Overload Protection
2. Low Battery Reminder
3. Counter Fault reminder
4. Full-proof circuit board
5. Film replacement reminder
6. Easy installation & operation
7. Wrong film installation reminder
8. Restarting Interval
9. UV light to destroy Germs on the used side of the seat
10. Adjustable & wide installation scope

B.Orchids Pure Seat Biodegradable roll:
1.Film Material: OXo Biodegradable sanitary Film roll unsafe 150 rotations

Hygiene 100% Biodegradable Packaging of 20 rolls per Seat

C. Battery (With charger)
1.Lead acid Battery Vol/WGT:6-7.5 Volt DC/0.96kg
2.Charge Time: 6 hours
3.Charge Period: Once in 15 days

Use: Electrical storage battery

AC:100-240V adapter

No need for a battery can directly plugin it

E. Installation Kit
ABS nuts and Bolts, Fixture Plate

Easy 10-minute installation procedure, no structural change required.

F. UV rays to kill the bacteria on the used Film
1.Power Dissipation-100mW
2. Peak forward circuit.200mA
3.Continuous forward circuit 20mA
4. Reverse voltage 5V
5.Operation temperature range 40 to +80 degree celsius

Low Power Consumption,
high Efficiency,
Reliable and robust,
Water clear

G. Manual
Bold and Clear instructions to educate the user

To be placed on eye level on the WC wall.

H. Door Sticker
Orchids Pure Seat Enabled

Educates the user at the door of the restroom