Hand dryer is one the most common devices used in bathroom for drying hands. It's very effective, contemporary and responsive alternative to traditional paper towels. A hand dryer uses 12 sheets of air travelling at uniform speed to dehydrate hands in just a few seconds. There are mainly two types of hand dryers: automatic and manual. Manual hand dryer work on the basis of operated button while, automatic type acts on the principle of infrared sensor.

At present time, automatic hand dryers are more recommended due to high level of comfort and ease. Hand dryer manufacturers create them by incorporating rust proof material that offers long-term safety and durability to the product. There are ample of advantages that one can enjoy with hand dryers in which some of them are as follows:

1. The foremost advantage of using hand dryer is that it offers cost benefits with durable material and better performance. Of course, you have to invest in beginning but after initial investments, simply enjoy better services as compared to paper towels. The annual expenditure of paper towel installation is much higher than hand dryers.

2. Hand Dryer Suppliers offer environmental benefits by manufacturing high-quality devices and restricting the use of paper towels. As restaurants and companies have started using hand dryers for enhanced hygienic habits, the non-recyclable waste is reduced to 15-20%. The innovative devices are eco-friendly and assist in living better atmospheric state.

3. Hand dryers enhance cleanliness in bathrooms and are usually maintenance free. Paper towels usually create mess after use but, hand dryers are improved version that promotes cleanliness along with sanitization. With them, no particular labor is required to clean the device on daily basis, simply maintain them annually, thereby saving on labor cost.

4. Hand dryers eliminate damage during installation. Paper towel clogs toilets and sinks while, hand dryers can be set aside in case gets wet or can be thrown into floors, walls or ceilings. Another reason why one should go for hand dryers is that it offers great functionality without complaining about empty dispenser.

5. Another key importance of convenient devices is that they are good in maintaining proper hygiene. The polluted environment promotes invasion of different types of bacteria and viruses on humans in which majority of them are caused by touching. While using soap, the chances of catching infections is very high as germs stick to the soap from another person. Later on, continuous use of same soap by multiple people escalates the chances of spreading infection. Safe and sanitized approaches offer great ways to eliminate the risk of spreading infection.

6. These hand dryers eliminate the use of towels and prevent the spread of lethal infections like H1N1. It also reduces the cost of purchasing towels and offers multiple advantages in long run. By eliminating the reliance on towels, expenditure can be controlled for a period of time. You can recover the invested amount by making revenues.

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  • Oct 29, 2019
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