Many people don't prefer to buy an electric hand dryer and consider it to be an insignificant decision. However, being in office means you need it as the push button hand dryers, as compared to the paper towels, can make an impact on your business reputation beyond the bathroom doors. The addition of these elements affects several aspects of business as well as the environment. Here we have brought you the three possible solutions and their impact on your office:

Automatic Dryers

The most convenient are the hand dryers out of the three options we are going to discuss. They are popular elements in plants, offices, businesses as well as commercial units of all sizes. While they work as same as pushing a button, the electronic hand dryers make use of an eye to turning it off and on. Whenever you want to dry your hands, you have to move your hands in front of the eye, the motion sensor located inside the machine detects it and switches the machine on. The sensor instantly breaks the connection and shuts off as soon as it no longer detects motion.

Hand dryer manufacturers attribute its popularity due to certain reasons. These models usually come with a higher level of energy efficiency. They are eco-friendly as well as save units of powers. Easier to start and stop and runs far less than the push button form of dryers. No need to touch the machine and thus, the highest level of hygiene is maintained.

Push Button Electric Hand Dryer

A very similar device to the automatic hand dryers just that you will be required to push a button, located outside the unit to turn it on. They also come in energy efficient models which make them power saving in some cases. The push button on dryer works on the basis of timers and it will run for specific times before it comes to an end. Therefore, this type of unit does waste a small amount of energy. They have less impact on the environment as compared to the traditional method of using towels. A push button hand dryer is certainly the best option for small businesses having a small number of customers and employees.

Paper Towels

This method is the most used and negative method of cleaning hands as it requires a lot of resources to produce paper towels. Once these towels are used, they require even a larger amount of energy to get them disposed of. They are easier to use but help in spreading of germs rather than cleaning them up. They also contaminate the next person by transferring the germs from one person to another. Unfortunately, most of the businesses are going for this method as they find it easy to buy paper towels regularly as they assume it to be a cheaper option.

Businesses should prefer hand dryers because not only they preserve the hygiene but also help to save energy and are eco-friendly! Before switching to any option, consider

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