A Fly insect killer is a device which is used for pest control for flying insects like houseflies, moths and mosquitoes. Most of the devices used are lethal to the insects, but some also work on the principle of catching them and later on releasing them. Flyswatter, flypaper and bag vacuum are some of the devices which we have been using as Insect Killer Machine. Nowadays electric flyswatter, also known as mosquito bats, has been introduced in the market. They look similar to a badminton racket and are used for killing the flying insects.

The handle of the racket consists of a battery-powered high-voltage generator. The electronic oscillator makes the entire circuit; a step-up transformer and a voltage multiplier are also used with lower power. When the insect comes in contact with the wires in the racket, the electric current is produced and the insect gets trapped and later on dies. You don't have to crush the insect against a hard surface like the convention flyswatter.

These devices used for killing the insects are much better than any other chemicals which are used. They create the electric current and have various safety protocols for human beings; on the other hand chemicals are also effective but harm the human body in numerous ways.

Scourge, Anvil, and Permethrin and pyrethroid are the few synthetic insecticides mostly used to kill the insects. If these chemicals are ingested through the harvested crops they can cause various acute and chronic effects on body. Skin and eye infections, disorientation, weakness and nausea are few acute problems. Here are the detrimental effects these chemicals cause us if ingested for a longer duration of time.

1. SCOURGE - It is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. It affects the nervous system and is also linked to liver and thyroid problems. They can also interfere with the immune and endocrine systems. Scourge contains an ingredient which is a possible human carcinogen.

2. ANVIL - It is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, which also affects the central nervous system. Some of the ingredients may promote tumor growth of the cancer causing cells of the reproductive organs. They are liable to cause breast cancer and prostate cancer.

3. PERMETHRIN - It is also a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and a neurotoxin. It has been proved to be more toxic to children rather than adults. It has also been termed as a human carcinogen and can develop cancer in large amounts. It also causes damage to the immune system and if ingested by the pregnant ladies can lead to birth defects.

4. MALATHION - It is an organophosphate insecticide. According to a study it has been proved that they can cause acute and long term neurological problems. It is being reviewed by the EPA, and they have also said that it has potential to become a low level carcinogen like all the other chemicals.

Therefore using of Insect killing machines to kill the flying insects is a better option rather than using the chemicals. Chemicals have a very bad long-term effect on our body and can even cause cancer. Buy quality Insect killer machine at Orchids.net.in
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