When choosing the best choice of hand drying in any public washroom, facility managers have to watch out for two main categories. In India, any Public Facility could mean that they are used by hundreds of visitors over the course of a single day! Facility managers can choose between either having paper towels or hand dryers - or both for public use. However, before choosing products from either tissue paper suppliers or hand dryer manufacturers near you, let us study the different situations when it's best to use either or both of these important parts of any modern restroom facilities:

1: Offices and Executive Restrooms

In an office or an executive area, the restroom needs to be not only constantly cleaned and maintained; but also should have gadgets like automatic hand dryers. Manufacturers with proper products greatly brings up the class of your facility, and remember - a well maintained restroom is important to the better impression of any office or formal workspace! While it may sound funny, unless you have an impressive look - let's just say work won't go so smooth! Also, remember to check the service guarantees and maintenance promises for such electronic products.

2: Restaurants and Eateries

While having a great product in the washroom from any of the reputed hand dryer manufacturers is important to bring up the class of your restaurant; remember that so are simple products like hand wipes which many people prefer. While hot air from a hand dryer is more hygienic by medical standards, your restaurant should have arrangements to make your customer most comfortable with the hygiene arrangements at your eatery! Find the best hand dryer manufacturers online with unique and elegant designs and some of the best features for electronic bathroom gear available in India.

3: Public Area Restrooms Used by Masses

For public restrooms used by masses of people like at malls or bus stations / train stops; it is much more practical to have a few strategically placed electronic hand dryers than paper towels or napkins that MOST people would misuse in vast quantities! However, choose a reputed hand dryer manufacturer with the right service and maintenance guarantees as well as hygiene products that can stand mass use over a long period of time. Remember, many people using such gadgets will never have even seen such a machine - and they must be simple to use with clear instructions and safety features. No one wants an incident of electrocution because someone couldn't understand what do with the machine near the sink!

  • Oct 29, 2019
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