Orchids Facial Soft Tissue Box 100 pulls 2 ply - Pack of 60 boxes

Rs. 3,300.00 Rs. 2,280.00

Quantity:100 pulls

Ply: 2 ply

Size - 200 x 200 mm   

Facial Tissues are one of the common types of tissue papers and best alternate to handkerchiefs and napkins. High-class quality materials are used to enhance the softness and absorbency. It is used in most of the industry like Salons, Beauty Parlors, Hotels, Hospitality, Health, and Medical, etc to take special care of your face skin.  

Comparatively, it has a high demand in domestic and international markets, hence we export and supply facial tissues, wet tissue papers (wipes) kitchen, and toilet rolls at affordable prices. We invite Wholesalers & Dealers to contact us for the best price on bulk quantity.

We also provide customized print on facial tissue papers and on its boxes for your brand promotions. Know more about Private Labelling service.



  • Puffs facial tissues can be used for removing make-up and to have a clean, hygienic and radiant skin. Generally used in Salon, Beauty Parlour and Make-up Studio.
  • It can be used in day-to-day life to freshen up, wipe out sweat, convenient while travelling and enjoy the exotic and rejuvenating fragrance.
  • Useful in cleaning up runny noses and also hygienic to void stomach ache and other causes.

(MOQ 60 pcs) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sandy Kumar
Excellent quality Affordable

Value for money... affordable. nice qualityka

Nice paper tissue

Use the paper tissue for both clean up and as a napkin. They work great for both uses as the are absorbent and soft to use on your face

Sankar swaminathan
Excellent for daily use

Excellent for 2 ply description. Absorbance is quick, tidy and apt.
use remains same once tissues are pulled out. Fuzz free and nothing to complaint after having used this for couple of days now.

Decent product

Its something definitely premium but for the price its being sold it justifies it.

A good product in this price range