Orchids Automatic Faucet Basin mounted OR/AT/05

Model: OR/AT/05

Power : 6V DC 220V AC
220V AC / 6V DC- 4XAA Alkaline Batteries

Application Area: Basin Mounted or Countertop Basin

Material: Chrome Plated Brass Metal Body

Sensing Range: 80mm Adjustable

Water Pressure: 0.02 MPa–0.8 Mpa

*0.05 Mpa is minimum required pressure for the decent flow of water*0.05 Mpa

USP: Indian Mouth Sensor with stylish curve-neck design

Inlet: G1/2” (Dn15)

Setting: Sensing range adjustment pot has given at control unit
By default, the range is preset at optimum value
Alter setting only if necessary



  • Touchless wave-on sensor: wave the sensor without touch, water flows, wave again, water stops. Water stops automatically after a 1min continuous flow.
  • Sensing range adjustment pot gave at the control unit, By default range is preset at optimum value, Alter setting only if necessary
  • Water-saving: Water-efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.
  • Easy installation and cleaning.
  • Healthy and Safe: the touch-free faucet, can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. It’s not only time-saving but also hygienic.