Orchids Foot Operated Tap System. OR/FOTS/01

Rs. 6,435.00 Rs. 4,950.00

Material: Chrome Plated Brass Metal
Body Operation: Foot Operated Manual
Design: Heavy Duty Design for Long Life
Water flow: accustomed

So much water is wasted using conventional taps,. Foot tap is an exceptional device for water conservation. It changes people's water use habits helping to save water. Foot tap has created a new approach to water flow control. Its smart system enables us to work for every tap hands-free by simply pressing a foot pedal. It moves these controls from busy hands to idle feet. The mechanical valve is mounted below the sink along the waterline between an angle -valve tap. The mounting of the valve is very simple. Foot tap is easy installing a regular tap. There is no need to make any changes to the plumbing infrastructure. With the foot tap the hands-free water conservation system you don't have to turn your faucet on and off with your hand, All you need to do is simply step on the paddle gently to turn on the water and when you are lathering your hands the water will stop running immediately after you stop pressing down on the paddle. The water flow and length of time is completely within your control. You won't wastewater more than you use.