Wet Towel Dispenser

Rs. 36,875.00 Rs. 29,500.00
Orchids Wet Towel Dispensers produce fresh, disinfected, sterile, one-off wet towels to wipe away dust, grime, and germs. With assured safety, our product provides a healthier and a better option as compared to traditional towels and normal napkins, paper or cloth. These wet towel dispensers produce a wet towel after cutting, heating, spraying and rolling a paper towel made from 100% plant fiber. You can get a warm or a cold towel depending upon your choice. Orchids Wet Towel Dispensers are ideally suited for use in restaurants, hotels, cafés, banquet halls, cafeterias, offices, and even homes.
  • Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz
  • Max Power: 300W
  • Hot Power: 250W
  • Stand-Time: 2W
  • Water Volume: 1.6 Ltrs.
  • Width Of Tissue: 120mm
  • Length of Tissue: 160 – 240mm
  • Capacity : 25pcs/minute
  • Net Weight : 8KG
  • Towel Size: 160/180/200/220/240 mm